• RELEASE DATE /October, 15 2009
  • COMPILED /Asylum
  • LABEL /Apuruami Records
  • MASTER /Fobi
  • ART /Alvert
  • FORMAT /Digital

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This record is inspired on evil, dark rhythms, and it’s based on resurrection history, that it’s been messing with our minds for centuries, giving us hope of life beyond death It’s about the power that leads to slavery, about strengthness of the never-ending All-Mighty . Shape, colors, sounds, everything points to a measureless power, needed so hard to bring back the poet from death, who raised from the flames, filled with triumphant glory, like the ghost that stalks life every time, everywhere… The end of the road is near, the basic fear, the last fear; the root of all our fears is the fear to the death.

Resurrection power, give us the strength t olive victoriously and to defeat death, and life transformation too.